Ass. Cult. Il Ramo Maestro


Art Direction, Editorial, Graphic design


Stefano Locatelli. Scultore, pittore, disegnatore—Editorial Design

Graphic design for the catalog of the exhibition "Ri-Tratto. Stefano Locatelli oltre la scultura”.

“Stefano Locatelli. Scultore, pittore, disegnatore.” is the publication that came out on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to the great Bergamo sculptor, held in Bergamo in the spaces of the former chiesa (church) della Maddalena. The volume, for which we took care of the editorial project and the art direction of the photographic shots, was published by Silvana Editore. Inside is a collection of the works of Stefano Locatelli (1920-1989), with a look at the more intimate side of his artistic work.