Ass. Cult. Il Ramo Maestro


Exhibition, Graphic design


Ri-Tratto. Stefano Locatelli oltre la scultura—Exhibition Design

Exhibition design and visual identity for the exhibition on the great artist Stefano Locatelli.

“Ri-Tratto. Stefano Locatelli oltre la scultura” was a retrospective devoted to a more intimate side of the great Bergamo sculptor’s artistic work. It was a reinterpretation of the figure of Stefano Locatelli (1920-1989) through the exhibition of lesser-known works of his production. The exhibition was commissioned by the artist’s family and curated by the Associazione Culturale il Ramo Maestro, with visual identity and installation design by 6ZERO5.

Set up in the spaces of the former chiesa (church) della Maddalena in Bergamo, the exhibition attracted twice as many viewers as originally estimated, marking what Bergamo’s Culture Councilor called “a benchmark for the quality of future exhibitions in the Maddalena space.”