Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo


Art Direction, Branding, Graphic design


Corporate Identity

Research and analysis for the positioning and design of the new corporate identity of Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo.

To design the rebranding of the brand and product lines of Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo, the third largest producer in Italy with 70 tons of fresh pasta kneaded every day, we set up a detailed initial research phase with the goal of analyzing the state of the fresh pasta industry in Italy. This analysis then became a publication along with research for the company’s positioning, with infographics, images and text making the data extracted in this first phase easily usable.

For consumer analysis, we used interviews and questionnaires to map the company’s perceptions and expectations of its target audience. We analyzed the company, market, outlets and competitors, with a detailed survey of their products, packaging and communication in various channels.

Upon completion of the rebranding project, we produced a detailed brand book with guidance on brand usage, tone of voice of communication, photographic images, color and typographic palettes, as well as new packaging and print-coded elements.

Social media communication was also codified with an editorial plan for the rebranding launch and directions for new posts.