Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo


Art Direction, Graphic design, Packaging


Packaging Design

Product packaging design for all lines of Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo.

Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo is the third largest producer in Italy with 70 tons of fresh pasta kneaded every day, a family-run business with great attention to the quality of raw materials. For the restyling of the brand identity and packaging we started from the analysis of the products in the catalog, dividing them into six lines within two main groups: classic and innovative recipes. The new positioning concept was designed from research on the state of the art of the industry and identified trends, but also from insights that emerged from point-of-sale analysis and consumer habits.

We were inspired by Italian family tradition and the company’s innovative approach to propose a new representation of conviviality, with the quality of ingredients at the center of the narrative and a modern, inclusive and sincere style.

The restyling of the brand and its repositioning on the packaging were designed based on information gathered in the point-of-sale research phase, with the aim of increasing shelf recognition and creating consistency across product lines.