Madama Hostel+Bistrot


Art Direction, Branding, Graphic design


Brand Identity

Design of positioning concept and brand identity for Madama Hostel+Bistrot.

Madama Hostel is a hostel opened in Milan in what was once a police barracks (“madama” in Milanese dialect). We developed the layout and brand identity concept starting from this historical aspect of the building, imagining it as a police station occupied by young artists who convert it into a residence.

The designed mark system has as its basis the outline of a badge on which various graphic signs representative of the occupants’ artistic intervention are drawn.

The decoration of the old cells, transformed into rooms, was then entrusted to various artists, making it one of the most photographed hostels in Europe, as well as a cultural landmark for the neighborhood and the city of Milan thanks to the extraordinary work of the Madama team (who made the proposed concept their own).